JD (Unk) Moss , Lead Guitar ,Vocalist and Band Leader
was raised by his grandfather Mr. James N. Anthony who
influenced JD with his guitar playing. His grandfather
played guitar with the great Western Swing artist Spade
Cooley. JD got hooked to Classic County Music when he
heard Merle Haggard. JD loved his music and the way
Haggard connected with his Band and his audience.
Jerry Reed was also a big influence with his fancy
playing. At the age of sixteen, JD played his first honky
tonk, and would play with anyone that would let him, so
he could learn the business. Local Musicians Robert Joe
Vandygriff, Billy Ratliff, and Gary Anderson of The
Farewell Party Band, mentored JD as he was developing
his guitar skills.
JD played in several Bands until he finally decided to try
it on his own , so without reservations, Ace Deuce was
born. JD really enjoys the family feeling with his band.
JD MOSS    1993
J.J. MAAG  2016
Ryan, Somerville the lead vocalist and Rhytum Guitarist of
the Band, is originally from San Antonio Texas, he grew up
around the night club business where he worked as
security, and bar back . Working in clubs allowed him to see
many live acts which helped him to understand the
importance of the Band keeping people on the dance floor.
As any Venue owner will tell you, if the people aren't
dancing, the Venue isn't selling drinks and he isn't making
any money. Ryan's influences were Ronnie Dunn, Ricky
Van Shelton and Dwight Yoakum. There have been
countless people along the way that have helped him grow
as a musician and band mate which included Pete Benz,
Billy Ratliff, Wade White and Kent Gooding. One of Ryan's
core beliefs is , "if people aren't dancing, then people aren't
drinking ". Ryan tries to select songs that will appeal to the
audience and keep them on the dance floor or listening and
enjoying at a music concert. Ryan really enjoys music and
has fun with his band mates.
Perry Thompson is the Bassist  and Vocalist of the Band.  Perry, the
son of a doctor of music and college professor, grew up playing
classical violin but listening to The Beatles, The Who, The Doors.
When the Little River Band and The Bee Gees came along, their vocal
harmonies were amazing to him and it really caught his attention.
While in the Air Force & stationed overseas, He was influenced by
rock players like John Entwhistle and Geddy Lee of the Who and
Rush. When he returned to the states, he decided he wanted to play
bass guitar,so he taught myself with the help of an extensive rock
album collection.
It wasn't until the 80's when Alabama and Restless Heart were on the
charts, that he listened to his first Country song. Since then, he has
integrated rock and country techniques in his bass playing and been
largely responsible for original harmony vocal arrangements.  He
states that he really enjoys being a part of Ace Deuce and we try to
have fun on stage as we entertain.
J.J. Maag is the  drummer for the Band. J.J. started playing the drums
in elementary school and developed a good sense of time in music.
At the age of fifteen she received her first drum set , that her dad found in
a local Pawn shop. J.J. spent many hours listening to 60's and 70's rock
practicing and trying to develope  her skills. She later started playing in
Country, Rock and Blues  Bands . Her parents loved County Music and
they played it all the time, so J.J. developed her style of County
drumming. Her style caught on and many Bands sought her out. She
stopped playing to raise a family of three sons ,but now that they are
grown, J.J. is back doing something she loves.
She loves playing and dancers love the solid beat she maintains in each
and every song.